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Services : Psychology and Professional SupervisionAgile Psychology

Provide professional supervision for current practitioners and probationary psychologists

Guiding Principles in Supervision

  • A number of principles guide Agile Psychology, both in the practice of supervision, and as professionals in the workplace. These include those endorsed by the APS. We believe that integrity is a key principle for a professional to be guided by. We feel that it is important for us to always act appropriately, not abusing power, and worthy of the trust others place in us as psychologists/supervisors. Agile Psychology believes it is our responsibility to ensure people understand the knowledge we do possess, that we take the time to ensure you understand the implications of the information we convey, but also, ensure that you understand the limits of our competence, in line with the principle of propriety. We also believe that respect is very important to our practice. It is important for clients, peers and our staff, that we respect the rights of all people, including their rights to confidentiality, privacy and autonomy – to make their own decisions. Agile Psychology strongly believes in the importance and value of personal difference, that is, everybody is different in many ways, and it is important to accept these differences rather than expect others to conform to our way of behaving or thinking.
  • We also strongly believe in the scientist-practitioner model of psychology. Agile Psychology feels that it is important that research and data drive our approach to interventions and hope we can convey the importance of this approach to supervisees that we work with.

Areas of expertise
Melita Henderson is an organisational psychologist, with expertise in the areas of organisational change, workshop and group facilitation, training needs and job analysis, strategic workforce planning, survey administration and data analysis.