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About us
Agile Psychology

Agile Psychology is a privately owned company offering a suite of business psychology services to assist:
    • Individuals in their education and career-life cycle
    • Companies to improve workforce engagement and productivity
    • HR and Psychology professionals to develop their skills and professional practice

We specialise in:
    • Individual career coaching and counseling services
    • Training and Group Facilitation
    • Psychometric assessment, reporting and feedback
    • Organisational Development and Change
    • Psychology and Professional Supervision.

Our Mission: Creating a positive balance

Our Vision: To achieve a positive balance across people’s professional and personal lives

Why use Agile Psychology?
    • Benefits of using our services/experience
    • We achieve outcomes
    • We ensure value for money
    • We truly care about our clients, sharing in their issues and successes
    • We are ethical in our practice
    • We use evidence based tools and techniques.

About Our Services

What is business psychology?

Business Psychology is the science of people at work. Business or Organisational psychologists specialise in analysing organisations and their people, and devising strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire. Business/Organisational psychologists work with organisations, teams and individual employees to improve their performance and increase effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. They strive to enhance people's wellbeing by improving their experience at work.

Business/Organisational psychologists base their practice on science, drawing on psychological research and tested strategies to influence how people act, think and feel at work. This scientific approach provides confidence that methods produce measurable, replicable and often more cost-effective results.
o What are its benefits?

The benefits of business psychology really depend on the specific application being employed. However, some general benefits which are commonly reported include:

For the Individual
    • Greater achievement of goals and enhanced motivation
    • Reduced stress levels and greater emotional control
    • Improved productivity and happiness in your career
    • More effective working relationships
    • Increased confidence and self-awareness

For the Organisation
    • Increased productivity
    • Less absenteeism and staff turnover
    • Improved profits to your bottom line
    • A highly motivated, focused and determined employee or team
    • Better customer satisfaction
    • What is positive psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Evidence shows that employees with higher levels of well-being:

  • are more focused and engaged with their work
  • are better team-players
  • have higher levels of motivation
  • have less illness and absenteeism (especially for stress-related illnesses)
  • perform better overall.

What is psychometric testing?

  • Psychometric testing is an objective way to identify an individual’s strengths, areas for development, behavioural and motivational preferences and work interests.
  • Psychometric testing for recruitment purposes usually comprises 2 main elements – abilities testing or the ‘can do’ and personality assessments or the ‘will do’.
  • Psychometric testing for career coaching or development programs utilising 360 degree feedback often incorporates personality assessments, motivational questionnaires and interest inventories.