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Psychometric assessment, reporting and feedbackAgile Psychology

Agile Psychology provides quality testing and assessment services to clients.

What is psychometric testing?
Psychometric testing is an objective way to identify an individual’s strengths, areas for development, behavioural and motivational preferences and work interests.

Why should I use them?
Psychometrics should be used wherever there is a business need to assess individuals objectively and can also be used as a catalyst for enhancing personal and team performance.

In uncertain economic times, the cost of making the wrong selection decision is far greater and riskier than taking the time to invest in a valid and objective selection process.

  • Research indicates that when psychometric testing is used as part of the selection process it increases the validity and defendability of the recruitment decision when used in conjunction with structured interviews and reference checking.
  • It is an objective measure of looking at a candidates potential and performance in a role and helps eliminates subjectivity that can creep into interviews and reference checking.
  • Testing can be designed to measure a candidate against the key competencies that are critical for success in the role. Prior to testing, Agile Psychology can also undertake an analysis of your business and the job role so that recommendations can be made with regard to the candidates suitability to your unique business environment.
    o Recruitment and Selection
  • Psychometric testing for recruitment purposes usually comprises 2 main elements – abilities testing or the can do and personality assessments or the will do.

    Team development
    Effective team building early in a team’s formulation period, followed with focused team development, is crucial to organisational success.

    Research in this area has shown that companies need practical tools that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively in order to deliver sustainable team impact. Agile Psychology offers a range of team development services which can assist teams throughout their lifecycle:

    Begin by understanding the individuals in the team
    o Dynamic teams are composed of people with a variety of personalities, competencies, motivations and skills. Individuals make different contributions to a team, so it is important to assess their strengths and development areas to predict their potential contribution. The most valuable insight into a team’s potential for lasting success lies in understanding how individuals within that team impact the different stages of a work-related project.

    Psychometrics to select effective teams
    o Psychometric assessments can be used in order to help managers, supervisors and HR specialists select, manage and develop the individuals that form the team.

    o To build a high-performing team, it is vital to have the right ingredients. Agile Psychology can help you choose the right blend of individuals that will contribute to better team performance; ultimately reducing the time spent managing an ineffective team.

    Team development for ongoing success
    o Teams today frequently face challenges such as remote working, different working styles and flexible working hours. Agile Pscyhology’s team development services foster the growth and effectiveness of teams throughout their lifecycle.

    Individual coaching/feedback
    Psychometric testing for career counselling, outplacement or development programs utilizing 360 degree feedback often incorporates motivational questionnaires, interest inventories and emotional intelligence questionnaires.